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Blowing Passed The Finish Line

What if retirement wasn’t the end but in fact just the beginning? What if it wasn’t the time to slow down but the time to kick things into high gear? The uncommon path generally tries to find a way to love what you do so much that you don’t ever want to retire. But for those of us where that part didn’t quite work out, retirement can often be the catalyst to doing more than you ever thought possible and loving it, just like Rayma Dinnen. 

In this episode we’re talking with Rayma, who went from spending decades as an ER nurse in Chicago to leading teams doing impactful work in Uganda and here in the States. Along the way, she had multiple encounters where God intervened in her path, including giving up a position of influence within the Reiki community as a noted practitioner and sharing Good News with the last person in the world she would have expected to. This is a story you don’t want to miss!

To reach Rayma, you can email her at: Rayma444@comcast.net.