October’s Uncommon Clients – Dan & Meredith Brown

Dan and Meredith Brown live outside of Houston, TX and have been married for eight years. Together, they have five boys ranging from 2 to 23. They’re an on the go family with three boys still at home, a busy church community, and they try to sneak in an occasional date night!

Meredith and Dan have been clients  of Bryan & Phillip’s long before Uncommon Wealth Partners was officially born. Along the way, it was clear that Dan had a passion for physical fitness and really wanted to help others find their way. So, he left corporate life and became an entrepreneur.

Dan calls that leap of faith the biggest decision he’s made in a long time. Meredith’s confidence in him, along with his faith, and some careful financial planning allowed him to pursue his dream.

Going down the uncommon path has given Meredith and Dan the ability to be in the place they’re today. When they began this journey with Uncommon Wealth Partners, they were not entirely sure how it was going to go, but today, they’re chasing their vision of assisting others in their journey to becoming the best version of themselves.