January’s uncommon clients — Tammy and Dave Matthey

Tammy and Dave Matthey have four adult children and eight grandchildren. One of their biggest blessings is that all of their children and grandchildren live within a mile of them.

Tammy & Dave worked hard their entire lives. They’ve been incredibly valuable employees and were rewarded for their contributions. They were always good about saving money. They had the traditional 401Ks and pension plans from their various employers.

They also invested in life insurance policies and annuities because that’s what their advisors told them to do. According to conventional wisdom, they’d done everything right.
But it still didn’t get them where they wanted to be.

Then, they met Brian and Phillip and learned a little about taking a more “uncommon” approach to their finances. Tammy and Dave cashed in their traditional life insurance policies. They set up new policies that allowed them to protect themselves and their children in the future and have the ability to utilize their cash proceeds during their lifetime to build up other assets.

When we asked Tammy about their experience with the Uncommon Wealth team, she said, “Bryan and Phillip and the Uncommon Wealth approach have been a great partnership. The guys are so positive and energetic and provide so much comfort when dealing with your financials. They were never pushy, and it has always been so refreshing to know they are truly looking out for what is best for you as a customer. They’re not looking at what it means to them as far as a commission or their well-being.”

Tammy and Dave are both nearing the retirement stage of their lives, but they are not ready to sit back and retire! There are so many things they still want to do, and their new level of financial freedom will make that possible. They’ve got their eye on buying some land, and they might even start a business with their kids!

It sounds like the adventure is just beginning!