Crush it

It was 2005 and I was reading a book by this guy that no one really knew much about.  The internet was new, Google was newer and I had a hundred business ideas, but I also had a day job and a baby on the way.  But there was something about this book and this guy that I could not stop thinking about.

The book was raw, rough and real with a catchy wrapper. It told the story of an immigrant, whom many now know as Gary V. and his experience of taking a small local liquor store his family owned and turning it into one of the most dominant wine purveyors in their area.

But what really intrigued me about the book was that he was telling me I could do it too. It was like written rocket fuel for my entrepreneurial soul. I needed more. Gary V, more formally known as Gary Vaynerchuk wrote Crush It in 2005 and it was one of the most influential books on my life. It was a catalyst for me that gave me the encouragement to go out on my own.

One of my favorite points in the book and I still say this all the time, is that the internet allows you to connect to the 10,000 people that are like you or like what you like or are looking for what you are selling. The art of crafting that story and engaging the community you are trying to attract is woven into Gary’s story.

If you have that entrepreneurial fire burning somewhere inside of you this book will help you ignite that fuse.

All of Gary’s books are so encouraging and worth the read, but if you haven’t read Gary V before I would start with this one, the original, the one that got it all started. You won’t regret it and Gary will be your personal cheerleader yelling at you from the sidelines to just “Crush It”!

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