COVID-19 – Final

This will be the last of our COVID-19 posts.  We feel that the United States is flattening the curve and all 50 states are now in some phase of re-opening.

We hope these posts have been not only helpful but have given you some insight into how we are staying on top of things that are affecting you and our economy.  We have heard many different viewpoints and we are doing our best to manage our business and your finances.

We would love to know your thoughts about the information that we have sent out. What did you like/dislike and what did you find useful? Better yet – what is your personal update? Where are you at? For some it has been a season of growth, trying new things, and adjusting to a new normal. How did you use this time? Are you better for it? Did you learn something?

For us, at Uncommon Wealth, we have been amazed at all of the opportunities you have taken to make an impact not only in your own lives but in the lives of one another. And for that, we thank you.

As we navigate the next few months together you can look to our newsletter for any COVID information we think is necessary for you to know.