COVID-19 – Differences

During this time of quarantine, it seems that people are forming stronger opinions on just about any and every subject as more time passes.  And these opinions seem to be more and more polarizing.

This is our opportunity as uncommon people to show grace towards people who have different views than our own. Not only is this a time for us to extend grace and understanding but it is also a time to respect those with different opinions, as well as challenge and examine our own viewpoints.  Are you consuming only the information that is reinforcing your viewpoint? Ask people questions about how they came to their conclusions, and you never know, it could allow you to serve them.

As we start to enter back into the new normal post-Coronavirus, we need to be people who are Uncommon with our views, get to know people who have a difference of opinion, and seek to understand where they are coming from. We are all in this together and the more we realize that the more people we can impact.

You won’t find any data points from us this week as we feel any data we would include would paint a picture that just might be skewed to our way of thinking.  We are aware that we can make the data paint any picture we want and we want you to draw your own conclusions and form your own opinions. With that being said, we do feel that this interactive map from The New York Times does provide fact-based information on each state. You can click each state, view when the state is opening, or is scheduled to open and see any restrictions that are in place.