September’s Uncommon clients – Misty and Jason Conn

Misty and Jason met in college and both attended Western Illinois University.  Misty works for a non-profit supporting people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness to obtain employment. and Jason works for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources in Floodplain Management.  They have two kids and love to travel as a family.

When we started working together eight years ago, they were following a very traditional financial plan. They had a 30 year mortgage and a growing savings account.  We showed them a strategy that allowed them to pay off their mortgage and tackle their auto  and student loans.

In 2018, Misty and Jason switched their mortgage to a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).  This allowed them to consolidate all of their various forms of the debt (e.g. student & auto loans).  Doing this has allowed them to not only pay off their mortgage in half the amount of time but also to be debt-free to focus on future endeavors.

Having all of their debt in one account allowed them to see progress every month, which motivated them to keep at it.

They’re also using whole life insurance policies to save money outside of traditional banking while building something for their children’s future.

Their next step is to invest in some property that will provide residual income and asset building for their family.  They’re living an uncommon life because they thought bigger about how to get where they wanted to be.

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