Meet our uncommon clients for November – Jared and Carisah Lee

Jared and Carisah Lee have two daughters Jovie (6) and Madden (3), and moved to Iowa two years ago because Jared accepted a position as a Worship Leader at Keystone Church. Carisah had been working in Digital Marketing and Social Media Management from home for the past six years for several clients and also started a side business, making jewelry, which would eventually become her full-time job and passion.

Like most Americans, they’d lived a life of going back and forth of being buried in debt and desperate to get out and didn’t want to continue in that pattern anymore.

Before they met Bryan and Phillip, they were in debt with no plan on how to get out. They feared that they would continue down this road forever. Carisah had always been very innovative in creating random jobs or monthly income (house sitting, dog sitting, nannying, donating plasma, etc.). However, they still hadn’t cracked the code for getting truly out of debt.

Their daughter Jovie was diagnosed with arthritis when she was 16 months old. She had several doctor’s appointments, specialist appointments, and testing to get to that diagnosis and rehabilitation and physical therapy after the diagnosis. At that time, the Lees were living in California, which was already extremely expensive. They made just enough to survive each month and kept accumulating more debt because of how expensive the medical bills were.

Jared got his realtor license to add more income each month and eventually left his ministry position to focus on real estate full-time. Sales completely stopped, and they felt that God was clearly telling them to find a different path. So, Jared started applying to churches all over the nation and interviewing with several, they fell in love with Keystone Church in Ankeny, Iowa. Both Jared and Carisah believe that moving to the Midwest was the smartest financial and spiritual decisions they’ve ever made.

As part of the move and new job for Jared, the Lees were hoping for a new, fresh perspective on finances. They’d taken several debt courses through their old church, but they needed a mentality switch that was more outside of the box. They met Phillip at church and began talking to him about what was possible.

Uncommon Wealth Partners helped them look at their finances and future through a much bigger lens than just the here and now. They’re now out of debt and have more than doubled their monthly income. This allows them to give more to others and evaluate what they want the future to look like for their family. It was hard, disciplined work, but there is so much freedom on the other side.

Now they live and spend within their means each month and want to continue to live in financial freedom. They hope to travel all over the world and give to others more abundantly than they ever could in the past.