July’s uncommon clients — Josh & Kristin Dunwoody

We are so grateful to be able to work with so many uncommon people. That was why we started the podcast and why we love to highlight people at our holiday party by handing out our Uncommon Life Seals. 

We’d like to start introducing you to some of them.  Please meet Josh Dunwoody.

Josh and his wife Kristin live in Altoona, IA with their 3 awesome kids – Klaryssa, Wyatt, and Hailey.  They love camping together, exploring new places, and watching the kids play sports. Josh holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership and has also served in the military for 8 years where he was a battalion staff officer for the 1-168 Infantry Battalion in the Iowa Army National Guard. He is currently on a business ownership adventure with Tactical Advantage Business Solutions (TABS) where he gets the privilege of working with other small business owners to maximize their efficiency and profitability through process and systems development.

Josh’s wife, Kristin has her own passion to own a cosmetic studio where she can spend her time helping women look and feel their best. She serves many roles in their family and has been an unwavering support as Josh has navigated the challenges of starting his own business.

Josh and Kristin were finally serious about making a plan to start a business and decided to reach out to Uncommon Wealth to help them craft a plan.  They wanted UWP to help them put a road map together on how Kristin could own her own make-up studio. They were thinking it might be possible in 4 to 5 years if no big obstacles came their way but, 35 minutes into their first meeting, Bryan identified that if their assets were reorganized in a different way that 5-year goal could be accomplished in 1 to 2 months.  They were shocked and excited! What they didn’t expect was that Josh would actually be the first of them to start a business. After several meetings with Phillip and Bryan they all adjusted the plan and started TABS. The next step is launching Kristin into her dream of owning a cosmetics studio.

Josh and Kristin weren’t exactly thinking about going down an uncommon path. But they knew the path they were on wasn’t inspiring them. They had heard that Phillip and Bryan operate differently but didn’t know exactly what to expect. Uncommon Wealth Partners was instrumental in helping them get excited and encouraged about where they were headed financially and showed them that they can pursue their dreams at a rate that was appropriate for their personalities.

Josh and Kristin made the jump from being employees to owning their own business when they realized that when you are an employee you don’t really have much control over your own life. Employers can always change course and go a different direction and your role, at the end of the day, is to support that new direction – whether you agree with it or not.  As an owner, there are many other challenges but you have the control to address these challenges in the way that you think is most effective.

Josh was lucky enough to be in a unique position where starting his own company seemed possible, and he hasn’t looked back once.  Every day he gets to help business owners minimize the chaos of owning their own business and maximize their profitability and he gets to build his own business at a speed that he can control.

Kristin’s involvement in launching TABS has been beyond important. Josh could not and would not do this if she weren’t only on board, but a partner in the adventure. She is constantly encouraging him and helping him work through the challenges that he faces and is now excited about the potential of running a business in her own right.  Without her, there would be no way he could do this.

Josh’s business not only allows him to provide for his family, but it allows him to utilize his gifts in ways that keep him engaged and developing personally and professionally.  Every day he wakes up and gets to do what he loves to do.  It is helping him move towards financial freedom and enjoying the ride along the way!