December’s Uncommon clients – meet Matthew and Malori Khalil

Matthew and Malori Khalil have a very busy family. Their four children keep them running and laughing. Matt works in IT and Malori works in healthcare. They wanted to have more control over their financial future and their schedules.  Which meant they needed to get their financial life in order.

Like many couples, they’d invested a lot of money into mutual funds and other investments that weren’t really serving hem well. They had a lot of student loan debt between them and that was adding to their stress.

A friend introduced them to Bryan and Phillip and together they devised a new strategic plan that really took into account the Khalil’s goals. With a combination of investments, smarter insurance choices, and tackling the debt, suddenly the Khalil’s could see the light. Once their student loans were paid off, they began to invest in real estate to build up consistent passive income.

Matthew and Malori have big plans for their future. They’re working on growing their real estate portfolio so they’re in a position to support all of their children’s dreams. They’re looking forward to future vacations, lots of family time and financial freedom!