Create value and then help

When I was in the corporate financial services world, one of the biggest problems I saw was advisors not knowing how to bring real value to the people they served. They were trained on this product or that service, but those products and services may not be the right ones to help their customer reach their financial goals. You can’t blame those advisors. They didn’t know anything different. They were just doing what they were trained to do. Even if the advisor did an amazing job of figuring out what was important to the client, they didn’t have the resources to get them to the finish line.

Not all problems can be solved the same way. What about the people that need something different? Something uncommon?

Let’s take this example. In the real world, a person may sit down with an advisor with the ultimate goal of having multiple rental properties as part of their financial portfolio. At that point, your run-of-the-mill financial advisor is going to serve up the cookie-cutter products and services they offer, whether those products and services fit or not. The advisor is stuck trying to fit a round peg in a square hole.

Uncommon Wealth Partners has been able to grow because our number one goal when sitting across from someone, is to create value for that person – on their terms, not ours. What this means is that we give a lot of our knowledge away for free. When we are sitting down with a new prospect, our number one goal is to create value in this individual’s life by asking how can we help this person move closer to their goals today? I can almost promise you, it won’t involve asking them how much money they have stored away.

In our previous example, we would ask the individual who wants a real estate to be part of their portfolio, what price point are they looking at? Are they going to buy the properties under a corporate structure? If they are, then how are they going to structure the business? Are they going to plan to manage each one of them or hire a management company? Have they ever thought about running their own management company? All of these questions help the individual think deeper about what he or she is most excited about.

My favorite part of the whole meeting is after asking all of these questions, we then go ahead and answer them from our point of view. In other words, we give them all of the knowledge we have learned over the years about that exact subject. We create value at that moment and if that person decides to do everything we suggest and does not need or want our help, we are 100% okay with that. And if they have any questions while going through that process and want to call us, we will answer all of their questions. We feel like our job is to be a value creator and you do that by partnering with your clients and helping them reach their goals in the way they want to, not the way you want to.

For me, it all boils down to, how do you help others get what they want?

I have always been fascinated with magic tricks and magicians. My favorite thing is to perfect a magic trick, show it to someone and then after peaking their interest show them how I did it. I almost get more of a kick out of showing people how to do it than performing the trick itself. Here at Uncommon Wealth Partners, we get to show others how to do it – how to achieve what they’ve only dreamed of! Give us a call and let us show you how to create value that leads to achieving your goals and dreams.