Bridge Building

Traditional financial advisors will normally help people by focusing on the end of a person’s life. They want to make sure that the individual will not run out of money before they die, and to do this they keep moving the goal earlier and earlier until they get to this magical number where they can…

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our favorite client

We have been asked many times in our practice, “Who is our favorite client?”  Before we answer that question we always preface our answer by talking about an article that we read. It was written by a personal trainer, who was asked the same question and his answer might surprise you.  His favorite client was…

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The importance of a customized plan


We are all individuals and we all have our own wants and needs. One of the most important questions financial advisors should be asking is, “What is your definition of success?” Whatever answer comes out of a person’s mouth after that should be one of the most valuable things that person can say during the…

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The four-legged chair of college funding


Back in the day, the sources for retirement income were sometimes referred to as the three-legged stool. You had Social Security, a company pension, and your own savings or investments. Applying the same analogy to college funding, I would sadly say the current reality is debt, scholarships/grants, and savings or investments. Student loan debt has…

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