Audible – the need for speed

I was recently talking to a gentleman that is looking to do a startup after being employed for a number of years. He is wanting to shift in another direction and in doing so has recognized how much he needs to be “reading and really educating myself on everything from mindset to leadership to business.” To which I replied “Exactly.”

Even the Bible is clear that we should pursue wisdom and understanding which leads to knowledge. Proverbs 2:6 states, “For the LORD gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.” We are to seek this out constantly and God’s teaching is chalk full of it.

We all know that starting something new or maintaining your edge in your existing business requires fuel and a lot of that fuel is brain fuel. For me, I drive quite a bit and find that the business of life makes it hard to find the time to actually sit down and read all of the new and exciting information out there. And then I found Audible.  Problem solved.

Audible is the new “books on tape” platform recently purchased by Amazon. On Audible, books can be sped up, paused, slowed down and listened to from almost any device. You can also connect your Audible account to your Amazon account which is super handy. Their selection is expanding by the day and they offer countless books on whatever topic you find yourself wanting to dig into.

Audible is also a subscription service where you pay a monthly fee for credits and then can use those credits to purchase any book you want once a month. More money spent = more credits to use. It is incredibly handy and efficient.

If you are looking for more wisdom and a desire to seek understanding in whatever pockets of time you have, I would highly recommend Audible as the most efficient way of getting that done. Check it out here.