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Ryan Garvey

Operations and Qube Money Lead

**Ryan’s bio was written by other members of the Uncommon team.

What’s a Qube Money Lead? Ryan empowers clients to show their budget who’s boss by using Qube Money, a budgeting banking solution that enables users to access the power of the cash envelope system on their phones! Ryan demonstrates to clients that by using the Qube app and debit card in tandem, they can spend proactively from their budgets, using real-time awareness to win with their money and confidently pursue their financial goals. 

Ryan is married to the love of his life, Victoria. They have 2 young boys, Eamon and George. The most important aspect of Ryan’s life is his faith in Christ, and he strives to honor God in how he leads and loves as a husband, father, friend, and employee.  Embracing his roles as a husband and father have radically altered his perspective on his time on earth. Understanding that time is our most valuable non-renewable resource, Ryan has determined to make the most of each day as he invests in himself and adds value to those around him. He views money as a tool to buy back as much time with the people he cares for. Ryan knows that most of us aspire to do a work we love, while not defining ourselves by our jobs. He wants to empower clients to live out this dream. 

All of this puts Ryan in a prime position to help clients take that first step on their uncommon path- budgeting. He encourages people to understand their values, and then use their money to invest in their values. Our whole philosophy rests on the idea that whatever life you envision in retirement, you can enjoy sooner rather than later; and mastering your budget is the perfect place to start. Ryan is here to encourage and help you get started on your own uncommon journey